Jonathan Rehfeldt: Uruguay

It is exciting for me to introduce you to Jonathan Rehfeldt, missionary to Uruguay with Baptist World Mission. He is on deputation now, with hopes of arriving on the field in 2013.

We focus heavily on how a person determines their call to missions and what choosing to be a missionary may mean for your life.

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Jonathan mentioned a recent sermon from a Maranatha chapel service, which you can listen to now via their sermon podcast.

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Our next program will focus on the field of Uruguay with missionary Jonathan Rehfeldt from Baptist World Mission. I will be sitting down with Jonathan early next week, and should have his interview posted soon thereafter.

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Vernon Rosenau: Africa and Europe

Today we meet Vernon Rosenau, missionary in the Central African Republic from 1975 to 1999, and current Administrator for Africa and Europe with Baptist Mid-Missions.

I recorded this interview in the dining complex at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, where I bumped into Vernon during my lunch break. He was gracious enough to agree to an interview on the spot. It was a joy to speak with him.

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Resources mentioned in the program include Burning Wicks, the history of BMM.

What is this podcast all about?

This is our very first audio update on the all new, and we couldn’t be more excited. Programs will be released in two formats: updates and interviews. Updates are short-form programs that feature news about missions and evangelism, or important information about this program. Interviews include conversations with Baptist missionaries or ministers, who are actively engaged in serving the Lord today.

My name is Christopher Harper. I have spent the past sixteen years working in Christian broadcasting, photography, and internet marketing. It is my joy to currently serve as Electronic Media Specialist at Maranatha Baptist Bible College & Seminary.

The three words that best describe the ministry perspective of this program are: Baptist, fundamentalist, and conservative. We appreciate simplicity, approach every topic with good humor, and find joy in serving Jesus every day.

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